Put Your Engagement On Steroids And Win More Listings In Your Local Market. Grab 750+ Real Estate Video Animations You Can Customize And Mix And Match To Your Heart's Content!

This is the building block video collection local marketers and real estate agents have been lusting for! Eleven modules - each contains two animations for each real estate process - micro mp4 video and SWF animations. You can use these animations to create videos in most popular video editors, including Explaindio, VideoMakerFX, Camtasia, Screenflow, Easy Video Lab, and PowerPoint.

BACKGROUND: Several years ago, Pat Vredevoogd-Combs, past president of the National Association of REALTORS, testified before the House Financial Services Committee on Housing to blunt government complaints about industry pricing. As part of her testimony, she submitted a list of 184 things that listing agents do in every real estate transaction … “By all accounts,” she said, “the general public is not aware of all the services that agents provide to sellers and buyers during the course of the transaction, probably because most of the important services are performed behind the scenes.” These videos animations are inspired by that testimony before the United States Congress. We updated the process to cover 200 things that listing agents do in every real estate transaction.





Mix and match short micro video clips to showcase

enormous hidden value of real estate professionals. 

Create and customize your own story using your

favorite video creation tool.


Home Seller Videos And FSBO Video Infographics

Attract for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) sellers with the facts! Just add your outro and share these everywhere! You get these videox and you also get the mp4 and SWF video animations used to create them.


Home Buyer Videos

  • 6 Home Buyer Tips is a one-minute video you can use everywhere – your website, YouTube channel, and social media.
  • 6 Ways To Win A Real Estate Bidding War video is video based upon an infographic published by Buyer agents in hot markets are going to love this video!


Real Estate Video Intros And Stings


  • 50 Real Estate Video Stings is a collection of attention getting real estate video intros are available only in the Massive Real Estate Video Library. 
  • 6 Cinematic Video Intros let you mix and match your videos scenes, and use these professional intros to open your videos with pizzazz.
  • 6 Home Seller Stings are glitchy, animated clips you can use alone to dress up your blog posts, or social media teasers.
  • 9 Real Estate Investor Video Stings are dramatic, cinematic clips you can use everywhere.
  • Starburst Video Intros - Use these intros with the videos in Modules 1 - 11 in 200 Things A Real Estate Agent Does... ! Keep your engagement fresh when you start your real estate videos with these fun starburst animations


Military Relocation Marketing Package


  • 10 Military Video Stings . Use these military video stingers as intros, calls to action, and standalone social media engagement posts. 
  • 5 Military Video Commercials  (not shown) for each branch of the service - United States Army, United States Navy, United States Marine Corps, United States Air Force, United States Coast Guard. 
  •  Military Images and Music Tracks - more digital assets you can use in your videos, blog posts, and handouts. Flags, Military Images, Military Music, Veterans resources.


Royalty Free Background Videos

You are welcome to use these royalty free videos anywhere. Use them as backgrounds, for scene transitions, and to create memes! Clouds – 28 videos,  Love – 28 videos,  Money – 14 videos,  Winter – 34 videos  


Music And Audio Tracks

10 Piano Music Tracks, 11 Children Musical Series – Piano, 50 Music Tracks, 5 Stings And Leading Music Tracks, 8 Dramatic Cinematic, 13 Miscellaneous Music Tracks, 140 MoSound Tracks, 26 Chilling Music Tracks, 27 Old SciFi Music Tracks, 34 Royalty Free Music Tracks, 395 Audio Music Tracks, Music Editing Program, 23 Cartoon Tracks,  25 Christmas Holiday Tracks 


PowerPoint Master Class

Take 21 in-depth classes to become a PowerPoint guru. There are several PowerPoint real estate templates so you can follow along and customize your own PowerPoint presentations, and turn them into videos.

  1. Animated Screen Captures In PowerPointAnimated Screen Captures In PowerPoint
  2. Advanced Image Reveals
  3. Simple Character Animations
  4. Rotating Text
  5. Creating With Slide Master
  6. Kinetic Typography Effects Introduction
  7. Cool Image Animations With Masks
  8. Basic Drawing With Shapes In PowerPoint
  9. Easy Intros With FREE PSD Files
  10. 3D Room Environments And Settings
  11. Simple 3d “Pop Out” Effect
  12. Working With Advanced Shapes
  13. Creative Lower Thirds In PowerPoint
  14. Working With Video – Creating An Intro In PowerPoint (Part 1)
  15. Working With Video – Animated Video Player Opener (Part 2)
  16. Understanding Motion Paths
  17. Simple Character Creation
  18. 3 Methods For Using Audio Inside PowerPoint Videos
  19. Timing Slides In PowerPoint For Smooth Playback
  20. Exporting Your PowerPoint Slides As A Video




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